A The Kobold Lair

As the characters enter this cave six kobolds drop from the trees and attack.

AC 15
HP 5
Fort + 2 Ref + 1 Will -1
Base Att: +1, CMB -1, CMD 10

The kobolds are armed with spears and do D6 -1 damage.

At the intersection past the cave mouth is a covered pit. Probing ahead will discover it but otherwise the front rank must make a reflex save to avoid falling in.

The pit is ten feet deep and characters will take 1d4 damage from falling in. The noise will alert the guards at 1 Guard Room.

Locations in this cave:
1 Guard Room
2 The Garbage Dump
3 Food Storage
4 Royal Guard Room
5 The kobold chieftan
6 The Common Chamber

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A The Kobold Lair

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