33 The Shallow Pool

This cavern is very damp and humid, all the walls have a sheen on them from the moisture. Against the north wall is a large stagnant pool.

The pool is wide but looks shallow. Examination shows a number of small cave fish swimming in it. Your torchlight catches a glint of metal about three feet out from the water’s edge.

Within the pool is a large crystal ooze. Prodding or reaching for the metal will arouse it to attack.

Crystal Ooze
AC 5
HP 50
Fort 9 Ref -4 Will -4
Immune to cold and fire
Melee: slam, +6 dmg D6
4 plus D6 acid
metal or clothing takes the acid damage as well unless a DC 20 Ref save is made

The glint of metal is from a gold and platinum, ruby encrusted chalice. It is worth 1500 GP.

G The Shunned Cavern

33 The Shallow Pool

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