Caves of Chaos (main)

The forest you’ve been struggling through has been growing ever more dense, more gloomy and more oppressive. The thick, twisted tree trunks seem to have unnaturally misshapen limbs. Their grasping roots and clutching briars seem almost possessed of a conscious will to ward you off. You can still make out the tracks where the orcish siege engines were dragged but they are being reclaimed by the brush with uncanny speed. It has been long since you saw the horizon but you feel that you’re headed generally downhill.

And then suddenly the strange growths come to an end. You have stepped out of the thicket into a large area like a ravine. Its walls rise steeply on either side to a height of at least one hundred feet. Dark, streaked rock mingled with earth. Clumps of trees grow here and there, both on the ravine floor and up the sloping canyon walls. The opening you have emerged from is roughly two hundred feet wide. The ravine runs at least a hundred and fifty yards to the west. Here and there, at varying heights on all sides of the ravine, dark cave mouths open in the rock walls.

The sunlight is dim and the air dank, and the entire canyon makes you feel as though some evil presence is waiting to pounce upon you. Littered about the canyon floor are the shattered and burnt remains of wagons, no doubt from the missing merchant caravan. On closer inspection you find bones that are clearly humanoid in origin. All show signs of violence and many show signs of being gnawed upon.

You feel confident that you have tracked the trouble to its source.

A The Kobold Lair
B The Orc Cave
C The Other Orc Lair
D The Goblin Lair
E The Ogre Cave
F The Hobgoblin Cave
G The Shunned Cavern
H The Bugbear Lair
I the Cave of the Minotaur
J The Gnoll Lair
K the Shrine of Yog-Sothoth

Caves of Chaos (main)

Caves of Chaos scott_knudsen_3