59 The Chambers of the Priest

This room is lavishly furnished, in fact it’s hard to believe that it’s in a cave. Dark wood paneling, rich carpets and expensive furniture appoint this place. The dominant colors are red and yellow.

Standing before you is a man in platemail armed with a mace. He’s human, but his features are obscured by elaborate yellow makeup that makes his face look like a skull. “You can slaughter my allies, you can kill me but you cannot stop me” he says. “This world will burn.” With that he attacks.

If they remove the makeup they will see that their opponent is Monsignor Byrne from the keep.

Monsignor Byrne
AC 20
HP 45
Fort+4 Ref+3 Will+7
Melee: mace+4 dmg D8+2

The monsignor wears an amulet of protection +2

There are books on the shelves. Notably a Bible and a copy of the Necronomicon in its original Lemurian.

In his footlocker are detailed plans of the keep, showing guard locations, food and water stores and markings that seem to designate weak spots in the walls. There is also what looks like a roster for the Faceless Legion with notes of what each are capable of. It is everything a small band of infiltrators would need to launch a decapitating strike.

He also has:
1200 GP
2 potions of Stone to Flesh
1 Potion of flight
a matched pair of daggers+2

59 The Chambers of the Priest

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