58 The Temple of Yog Sothoth

This huge cave is finished in red stone and hung in yellow tapestries. The floor is a complicated mosaic depicting a bleak, treeless landscape with fire and lightning raining on it from what can only be described as a hole in the purplish blue sky.

In the middle of the room is a stone, squared pillar, roughly six feet tall. Sitting atop it in a display rack is an ornate longsword in a beautiful scabbard. Hanging from their wrists from the pillar, one on each face, is the horribly disemboweled body of a man. Each of them has the brand of the faceless legion on their left hand. You seem to have found your missing predecessors. At the feet of each is a bowl of some unfamiliar metal, filled with what appears to be blood.

One of the bodies wears a ring, a plain silver band with a blue cat’s eye gem set in it. When it’s taken off the body’s hand nine stylized line drawings, all cats, appear along the outside of the band. This is the Ring of the Cat.

Ring of the Cat
Nine-Lives. Each time the owner dies the character will come back to life the following round, at full hit points, and one of the cats will vanish from the band. With the fading of the last cat the character will suffer final death.

The Sword is Grasscutter
A Lemurian blade, the blade looks like bronze but has a wispy, bluish tint to the metal. The hilt looks to be of leather-wrapped iron but has green iridescent flecks in it. Its scabbard is leather but of a sort you’re unfamiliar with, possibly some kind of fish skin, and bound in bronze.

Each kill grants 5 temporary hit points and a temporary +1 to STR.

58 The Temple of Yog Sothoth

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